• On October 8, in Porto Alegre (RS), the pianist and piano teacher Aída Gnattali[1], sister of Radamés, was born.


Aída Gnattali, Radamés’ sister, one year old.
  • The conductor and arranger Leo Peracchi is born in São Paulo (SP). Together with Lyrio Panicali and Radamés, he formed the front line of Rádio Nacional orchestrators in the 1940s and 50s.
  • Pixinguinha (Alfredo da Rocha Viana Filho), at age 14, makes his professional debut as a flutist in two orchestras in downtown Rio de Janeiro.

[1] Aída Gnattali (Porto Alegre, 1911 – Rio de Janeiro, 2008) – like her brothers Radamés and Ernani, began her piano and violin studies with her mother Adélia and cousin Olga Fossati, respectively. He graduated in piano in 1929 at the Conservatory of Music in Porto Alegre. In the 1950s and 60s, with his brother Radamés, he formed the piano duo Radamés and Aída Gnattali, with intense performance on Rádio Nacional, phonographic recordings and concerts. He joined, as 2nd piano, the Sexteto Radamés Gnattali, with which he toured Europe in 1960. He dedicated himself, mainly, to piano teaching and to the profession of musical copyist, especially the work of Radamés.