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Radamés Gnattali is national and worldwide recognized as one of the greatest masters of Brazilian and Latin-American music. His concert work has consistent volume, about 300 pieces, among piano and guitar solos, as well as many chamber and symphonic music.
As far as the popular music is concerned, he also shines with a singular position if compared to his contemporary colleagues. Not only for the volume of his


ou will find important information about his life and work, search for the catalogs – his Concert Music and, the recent presented: The First Catalog of compositions and arrangements of his Popular Music production.
Warning: All the catalogs or any other item presented here are not available to download, either manuscripts, published or electronically edited. At


With the support of RUMOS ITAÚ CULTURAL program, we are pleased to present the First Digital Catalog of Radamés Gnattali’s popular music.
The project aims to inventory, scan and catalog all his compositions and arrangements concerning the private author’s collection.