Radamés Gnattali dies on February 3, aged 82. His body is being kept in the hall of Rio de Janeiro’s Theatro Municipal and then taken to São João Batista cemetery, in Botafogo.   < Um gênio da música total > Jornal do Brasil (RJ), 04/02/1988 [1] Text: João Máximo and Luiz Paulo Horta     […]


Radamés’ health condition is serious and has not improved. The Blumenau Chamber Orchestra (SC), conducted by Norton Morrozowicz, touring Brazilian cities, performs in Rio de Janeiro, at Sala Cecília Meireles, on 05/08, performing the Concerto for Orchestra of strings (1971/73) by Radamés Gnattali. On May 29, guitarist Raphael Rabello presents, at Sala Cecília Meirelles (RJ), […]


In early 1986, shortly before turning 80, Radamés suffered a serious stroke. The months that follow are intense therapy for his rehabilitation. A diligent student, Radamés gradually recovers part of his movements, the mastery of speech and writing. By October, the conductor is already studying the piano for several hours a day, making surprising progress. […]


On August 28, Radamés testifies for the Ciclo Personalidades, of the Museum of Image and Sound of Rio de Janeiro. Present are researcher and writer Jairo Severiano (depo coordinator), percussionist Luciano Perrone, composer and pianist Tom Jobim, poet and composer Hermínio Bello de Carvalho, guitarist Manoel da Conceição, musicians Sérgio Saraceni and Aluisio Didier, and […]


the first concert VII Panorama da Música Brasileira Atual presents, at the Leopoldo Miguez Hall, UFRJ School of Music, the Radamés Gnattali (piano) and Raphael Rabello (guitar) duo interpreting, by Radamés, among other pieces, the Concertino nº 2 for guitar and piano (1951) and Noturnos for quartet guitar and piano (1958)with the participation of the […]


Funarte launches the elepê Vivaldi e Pixinguinhaproduced by Hermínio Bello de Carvalho, with Radamés Gnattali, Joel Nascimento and the Camerata Carioca [1]interpreting works by Pixinguinha and Concerto Grosso op. 3 nº 11 (Estro armonico) by Antonio Vivaldi, transcribed by Radamés for harpsichord, mandolin, cavaquinho, two guitars and 7-string guitar. Also on the Funarte label, the […]


The project Seis e meiodo Teatro João Caetano, in Rio de Janeiro, presents a show bringing together Radamés Gnattali, Joel Nascimento and the singer Zezé Gonzaga, accompanied by the Camerata Carioca [1]. O Globo (RJ), 19/01/1981 Radamés Gnattali, mandolinist Joel Nascimento and Camerata Carioca[2] present the show Vivaldi e Pixinguinha, scripted and directed by Hermínio […]


Concord Concerto (Hollywood/CA – USA) releases the album Laurindo Almeida: First Concerto for Guitar and Orchestrapresenting, in addition to works by the guitarist, the Concerto nº 4 para violão e orquestra de cordas (1967), Radamés. Radamés Gnattali, singer Maria Lucia Godoy, pianist Neusa Prado, Camerata Carioca and the vocal group Viva Voz star in the […]


Radamés Gnattali won the 1979 Estácio de Sá Award for his services to Brazilian music, awarded by the Popular Music Council of the Museum of Image and Sound. O Globo (RJ) > Estácio and Golfinho 1979 went out to those who deserve it. For Sérgio Cabral At the request of the mandolinist Joel Nascimento, Radamés […]


On October 26, Radamés Gnattali and Nelly Biato [1] get married in Rio de Janeiro (RJ). Radamés and Nelly Gnattali. It takes place, on April 30th, at Sala Cecília Meireles, Rio de Janeiro, as part of the Radamés Gnattali Festival, the world’s first hearing of Concerto for accordion and string orchestra (1977)by Radamés, performed by […]