• The project Seis e meiodo Teatro João Caetano, in Rio de Janeiro, presents a show bringing together Radamés Gnattali, Joel Nascimento and the singer Zezé Gonzaga, accompanied by the Camerata Carioca [1].
O Globo (RJ) > ‘Zezé, Radamés and Camerata at six thirty: a show of past and modernity’.

O Globo (RJ), 19/01/1981

  • Radamés Gnattali, mandolinist Joel Nascimento and Camerata Carioca[2] present the show Vivaldi e Pixinguinha, scripted and directed by Hermínio Bello de Carvalho, at Sala Guiomar Novaes, by Funarte, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), and at Teatro Guaíra, in Curitiba (PR).
  • On November 23, at the João Caetano Theater, the launch of Prêmio Shell para a Música Brasileira, with the concert Sempre Pixinguinha, in homage to the composer Alfredo da Rocha Vianna Filho (Pixinguinha). Participation of Radamés Gnattali (piano, arrangements, conducting), Joel Nascimento (mandolin), Camerata Carioca [3] and orchestra.
  • Radamés assina a direção musical e arranjos do filme Eles não usam black- tie, by Leon Hirsman, with a script by Gianfrancesco Guarnieri and Hirszman, and thermal music by Adoniran Barbosa and Guarnieri, “Nóis não usa blequetais”.
  • Radamés composes:
    • Brasiliana nº 8 para dois violões(from the original for two pianos, 1956)dedicated to the Duo Assad
    • Brasiliana nº 8 para grande orquestra (from the original for two pianos, 1956)
    • Concerto nº 3 para dois violões, com flauta, tímpanos e orquestra de cordas (from the original for guitar and orchestra, 1957) – dedicated to the Assad Brothers.
    • Retratos para Camerata Carioca [4], com orquestra de cordas, bells e tímpanos (from the original for mandolin, with choro ensemble and string orchestra, from 1956/57)
    • Retratos para dois violões (from the original for mandolin, with choro ensemble and string orchestra, from 1956/57)
    • Tocata em ritmo de samba nº 2 para violão solo dedicated to the guitarist, composer and arranger Waltel Branco (1929-2018).
    • Tocata em ritmo de samba nº 2 para a Camerata Carioca [5] (mandolin, cavaquinho, 2 guitars, 7-string guitar, tambourine)
    • Tocata em ritmo de samba nº 2 para dois violões – version dedicated to Duo Assad
    • Trio para bandolim e dois violões // Sexteto, para bandolim, cavaquinho, 2 violões, violão 7 cordas, pandeiro(ampliação do Trio para bandolim e 2 violões) [6].
  • In Rio de Janeiro, far-right militants, against the political opening promoted by the government, carry out a terrorist bombing at the Riocentro convention center, during a popular music concert to commemorate the Dia Internacional do Trabalho.
  • US President Ronald Reagan is attacked in Washington (DC-USA).
  • Pope John Paul II is attacked in St Peter’s Square at the Vatican.
  • The Flamengo team, in Tokyo, is crowned Club Soccer World Champion.

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] Camerata Carioca consultsGlossário.

[6]Radamés later composed an optional complement of cavaquinho, 7-string guitar and tambourine to be played with the Trio, expanding it to a sextet, the formation of the Camerata Carioca.