• Radamés premieres Samba in three movements, for piano, string orchestra and percussion typical of the samba schools of Rio de Janeiro, at a party promoted by Rádio Nacional to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the program Dicionário Toddy, written and presented by Fernando Lobo [1].
  • Radamés composes:

    • Samba in 3 movements,

      for piano, string orchestra and percussion
      (later Radamés renamed the piece
      Brasiliana nº 2

    • Brasiliana

      n° 3 – symphony, for full orchestra
    • Impressions of the City, for piano and orchestra
    • Cheating (choro) for piano
Brasiliana n° 3 (symphony)
  • American Columbia invents the Lp(Long-play) of 33 1/3 revolutions per minute. Philco creates and puts on the market the device that will allow the playback of the new disc.
  • The Brazilian Comedy Theater, TBC, is founded in São Paulo.
  • Cesar Lattes, Brazilian scientist, identifies and isolates the meson, a particle of the atom.
  • Ben Gurion proclaims the Republic of Israel.
  • On December 10 the United Nations General Assembly proclaims the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

[1] Font: Hemeroteca da Biblioteca Nacional – A Manhã, 30/04/1948