• The BBC in London records and presents the Three Miniatures – waltz, modinha and jongo for orchestraRadamés Gnattali’s “Three Miniatures”, with the Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Maurice Wiles. The conductor writes to Radamés on the inside cover of the score:

“A great pleasure to conduct these Three Miniatures, in particular the brilliantly scored Jongo.
  • The musicologist Vasco Mariz dedicates a special column to Radamés’ work in the Correio da Manhã on 12/21.

  • Radamés composes:

    • Concerto [nº 1] for violin and large orchestra
      – dedicated to Oscar Borgerth
    • Sonata [nº1] for piano To Mina (nickname of Vera, his first wife)
  • President Truman’s speech at the UN marks the beginning of the Cold War. Because of this, Brazil breaks off relations with the Soviet Union and the Dutra government decrees the extinction of the Communist Party.
  • The transistor is invented in the United States, which will revolutionize and drive the development of electronic science.