• The Ministry of Education and Culture promotes the Cultural Action Program with the participation of the Quarteto Instrumental [1], who interprets, by Radamés Gnattali, the works Moto Contínuo nº 1(1964) e Brasiliana nº 8(1956), in transcripts by the author, dedicated to the group.
  • Odeon launches the elepê Radamés Gnattali Sexteto. Among the songs that make up the disc, two are compositions by Radamés: Meu Amigo Tom Jobime Divertimento para seis instrumentos.

  • Continental launches the elepe Radamés Gnattali – 50 anos a serviço da música brasileira featuring a collection of compositions and arrangements by Radamés, created throughout his career. The launch anticipates the maestro’s 70th birthday celebrations.


  • Radamés composes:
    • Canções populares do Brasil nº 1, 2 e 3 para orquestra de cordas (interestingly, number 4 is dated 1973)
    • Sinfonia popular nº 2 para grande orquestra (started in 1969)
  • Premiere of the play Gota d’Água, by Chico Buarque and Paulo Pontes, with Bibi Ferreira and a large cast.
  • The Vietnam War (started in 1955) ends with the defeat of the United States.

[1] O Quarteto Instrumental, at the time of this concert, it was formed by Celso Woltzenlogel (flute), Carlos Augusto Dantas (piano), Antonio Almeida da Anunciação and Luiz D’Anunciação (percussion).