• World premiere of the concerto Carioca No. 2 for piano, drums, double bass and orchestraThe concert was performed for the first time at the Guanabara Music Festival, held at the Theatro Municipal in Rio de Janeiro, with the participation of the theater orchestra conducted by Mario Tavares. Soloists: piano, the author; drums, Edgard Nunes Rocca (Bituca); bass, Pedro Vidal Ramos.
  • Rádio Ministério da Educação e Cultura releases the Orquestra Sinfônica Nacional da Rádio MEC elepê, presenting two concertos for piano and orchestra by Radamés Gnattali: Concerto Romântico (1949) and Brasiliana nº 6 – concerto (1954), conducted by Alceu Bocchino. Both with the author at the piano.

Concerto Romântico
I – Allegro


  • Radamés composes:

    • Concerto No. 3 for Violin and Orchestra
      – dedicated to Oscar Borgerth

    • Popular Symphony No. 3 –
      dedicated to Nelly Gnattali (finished January 1970)
    • Sonata for viola and piano
    • Sonata for Cello and Guitar
  • Mandolinist and composer Jacob do Bandolim (Jacob Pick Bittencourt) dies in Rio de Janeiro (RJ)[1].
  • In newspaper Rio de Janeiro, O Pasquim, weekly newspaper of humor and political criticism [2].
  • The government issues Decree-Law 477 prohibiting teachers, students and employees from holding any public demonstration.
  • Former ALN congressman and militant Carlos Marighela is killed in São Paulo.
  • Queen Elizabeth of England is visiting Brazil on an official trip.
  • The United States is the first country to plant a flag on the moon.