• In August, Radamés will give a concert with his compositions at the Escola Nacional de Música, in Rio de Janeiro. On the program, Sonata for cello and piano (1935), Poem for violin and piano ( 1934), Trio for violin, cello and piano (1933). Participation by Iberê Gomes Grosso (cello), Romeu Ghipsman (violin) and the author on piano.

Radamés composes:

    • Flor da noite for violin and piano
      – inspired by a proclamation from Bahia passed on to Radamés by Dorival Caymmi.

    • Flor da noite for cello and piano
      (from the original for violin and piano)
  • Almirante debuts the Rádio Nacional program Curiosidades Musicais, the first radio program broadcast on a national network.
  • Lampião, Maria Bonita and nine other bandits are killed and beheaded by the police on the Angico farm in Sergipe.
  • The First National Student Congress is held, which gives rise to the formation of the UNE – National Student Union.
  • Adolf Hitler assumes absolute, dictatorial powers in Germany; Austria is annexed to the Third Reich.