Alexandre Gnattali Filho (1918-1990), conductor, composer, and arranger, studied piano with his father and with his sister Aída. Still in Porto Alegre, he studied harmony with conductor Roberto Eggers, from Rádio Gaúcha. In Rio de Janeiro he studied harmony, counterpoint, and composition with Newton Pádua (1894-1966). In 1943 he moved to Rio and started working at Rádio Nacional, alongside his brothers Radamés and Ernani. He remained there as a conductor and arranger until the mid-1960s, when he was hired by the now-defunct Excelsior TV. He went on to collaborate with the CBS record label, where he worked as an arranger and conductor until he retired. He has composed several soundtracks for cinema, theater, and television. Among others, he directed the Brazilian staging of the American musical My Fair Lady, in 1961, with Bibi Ferreira and Paulo Autran, and was musical director for several films, such as Rio Zona Norte, by Nelson Pereira dos Santos.