• Radamés’ health is delicate and it does not show any recovering signs.



  • On May 8th, the Chamber Orchestra of Blumenau (PR), conducted by Norton Morozowicz, presents, at Sala Cecìlia Meirelles (RJ), in first hearing, the Concert for String Orchestra (1971/73), by Radamés Gnattali.



  • Visom Records presents the long-play Raphael Rabello interpreta Radamés Gnattali, featuring the Brasiliana nº 13 (1983), Tocata em ritmo de samba I (1950) and Tocata em ritmo de samba II (1981), Dança Brasileira (1958) and Estudos I, V and VII (1967).



elepê Raphael Rabello interpreta Radamés Gnattali



  • Funarte/Basf presents the long-play Radamés Gnattali e Waldemar Henrique, featuring the Concerto  for mandolim and orchestra (1985), with solo by the mandolinist Joel Nascimento and the Suite antiga for string orchestra, from 1973, both performed by the Blumenau Symphonic Orchestra, conducted by Norton Morozovicsz.



  • The guitar player Turíbio Santos leaves on a tour to Europe, performing in France, England and Portugal. On the program Radamés’ Pequena suíte for guitar solo dedicated to him in 1985. Turíbio also records this piece by PR Records, Rio de Janeiro. It could have been Radamés’ last original composition as it is the last piece to be filed in the author’s private collection.