• In August, Radamés performs a concert with his own compositions at National School of Music, in Rio de Janeiro (Capital of Rio de Janeiro State, RJ), featuring Sonata para violoncelo e piano (for cello and piano, from 1935), Poema para violino e piano (for violin and piano, from 1934), Trio para violino, violoncelo e piano (for violin, cello and piano, from 1933). Performance presenting Iberê Gomes Grosso (cello), Romeu Ghipsman (violin) and Radamés himself at the piano.



Radamés composes:

    • Flor da noite para violino e piano (for violin and piano) – inspired on a popular saying from Bahia, revealed by Dorival Caymmi.
    • Flor da noite para violoncelo e piano (for cello and piano – transcription form the original for violin and piano)



  • Almirante starts the broadcast Curiosidades Musicais (Musical Curiosities) at National Radio, the first one to be transmitted in national network.


  • Lampião, Maria Bonita and 9 more slayers of the gang are defeated and beheaded by the police, at Angico farm, in the State of Sergipe.



  • Created The First National Student Congress, which lead to the foundation of UNE – União Nacional dos Estudantes (National Student Unity).


  • Adolf Hitler assumes absolute dictator power in Germany. Austria is attached to the III Reich.