movie ganga bruta

  • Radamés makes his film debut as a composer and musical director in the film Ganga Bruta, by Humberto Mauro. Columbia Recording Company presents the waltz Teus olhos, água parada, by Radamés Gnattali, one of the songs of the film, interpreted by the singer Moacir Bueno Rocha. Read more in Music & arts> movies.


  • RCA Victor presents the waltzes Vibrações d’alma and Saudosa, as well as the polka-choro Conversa fiada.



Radamés composes:

    • Concerto para violino e piano, com acompanhamento de quarteto de cordas (concert for violin and piano, accompaniment for string quartet)
    • Rapsódia Brasileira para dois pianos (adapted from the original version for piano solo) – dedicated to Brutus Pedreira and Ayres de Andrade (for 2 pianos)
    • Trio nº 1 para violino, violoncelo e piano (for violin, cello and piano)
    • Valsa para dois pianos (Waltz for 2 pianos) – dedicated to Cândido Portinari
    • Valsas Brasileiras nº 1 para piano – (Brazilian waltzes nº 1, for piano) – dedicated to his sister Aída.



  • The Mayor of Rio de Janeiro backs up the Samba Schools Parade supported by the newspaper O Globo. Wind instruments are forbidden and the Bahianas aile becomes formally compulsory.


  • The Good Neighborhood Policy is inaugurated in the USA [1].




[1] For further information please click FGV CPDOC