• In July, Radamés performed at the Conservatório Musical de Porto Alegre, as part of a student recital at that institute, playing H. Oswald’s “Polonaise” opus 34. In this same recital, the young pianist Aída Gnattali, a student of professor Julieta Leão, performs Giga, by Araujo Vianna [1].


  • Radamés graduates at his piano studies after 8 years at the Conservatory of Porto Alegre with maximum grade and honorable mention.





  • Born in Recife (Capital of Pernambuco State, PE) the composer and singer Luiz Bandeira[2] that, in 1959, records at Continental Records, a rare LP Festa de Ritmos – Luiz Bandeira e suas músicas (Rythm Party – Luiz Bandeira and his songs), with masterful orchestral arrangements by Radamés.



[1] Source: O Jornal (RJ) of 08/02/1923.
[2] Luiz Bandeira (1923-1998), was one of the most important composers from Pernambuco State, in the northeast region. He composed the famous song Na cadência do Samba (Que bonito é…) (Following the samba rythm), that has been largely celebrated in the movies, from 1959 to 1986, as the music background  of the soccer supplement Canal 100, by Carlos Niemeyer. Bandeira has also participated as a special guest singer joining Radamés Gnattali Sextet touring in Europe, in 1960.