• Born in Jardim (Ceará State, CE), the multi-instrumentist of plucked strings, composer and arranger José Menezes[1] (José Menezes França), to whom Radamés dedicates, in 1957, his Concertino nº 3 para violão e orquestra, com flauta, bateria, bells e orquestra de cordas[2] (for guitar and orchestra, with flute, drums, bells and string orchestra).


  • [1]  Prodigious young man, José Menezes (1921-2014), born in Ceará State, dominated all the finger string instruments: guitar, tenor-guitar, cavaquinho, mandolim, banjo, viola, electric guitar. He came to Rio de Janeiro in 1943, joining the Mayrink Veiga Radio at first but soon he moved to National Radio Orchestra as violin player. He has integrated the in Continental Quartet and the Radamés Gnattali Sextet (Quintet), since the very beginning in the fifties, until their last decade, around 1985.
  • [2] This piece has been known by the subtitle “Concerto de Copacabana” although Radamés had no simpathy nor had given his approval.