• In December, the violin player Olga Fossati, Radamés’ cousin and professor, registers three records for Casa Edison (Odeon Records), in Rio de Janeiro[1].  


raizes_Olga Fossati and her uncle Paschoal Fossati have registered three long-play records at Edson House, for Odeon Records, in December, 1913.





raizes_Paschoal Fossati, Radames’ uncle, studied cello and has graduated in Belgium, coming to Brazil in the fourties, when he entered the Municipal Theatre Symphonic Orchestra, staying there until he retired. Aída recalls: “He played extremely well but he hated to be on spot, so he used to sit far in the back ”.



  • Born in Rio de Janeiro (Capital of Rio de Janeiro, RJ, State), the poet, writer and composer Vinícius de Moraes (Marcus Vinicius da Cruz de Melo Moraes), who wrote the lyrics of Operário em construção, music by Radamés, in 1966, a popular cantata.


  • Born in Rio de Janeiro (Capital of Rio de Janeiro, RJ, State), the singer, composer and radio broadcaster Paulo Tapajós, that together with Almirante, José Mauro, Haroldo Barbosa and Radamés forms the frontline of the greatest team of musical producers of the National Radio, for over a decade, during the forties and the fifties.