• October 8th, born in Porto Alegre Aída Gnattali[1], Radamés’ sister, great pianist and piano professor.


Aida Gnattali, Radamés’ sister, was one year old.


  • Born in São Paulo (Capital of São Paulo State, SP), the conductor and arranger Leo Peracchi which formed, together with Lyrio Panicalli and Radamés, the frontline of the great maestros of the National Radio, for over a decade, during the forties and the fifties.


  • Pixinguinha (Alfredo da Rocha Viana Filho) exhibits his first professional performance at 14 years old as a flutist in two orchestras in Rio de Janeiro.


  • [1] Aída Gnattali (1911-2008) also started her piano classes with her mother Adélia and violin with her cousin Olga; she entered the Conservatory of Porto Alegre at 10 years old directly to the second grade, studying with Julieta Felizardo Leão and Célia Lassance. She graduated in 1929, at 18 years old. Very talented, she never wanted to develop her own career as a soloist, intensively acting at the National Radio with her brother Radamés, either in piano duet or with his sextet, including their tours in Europe. She has been an outstanding piano teacher and copyist, dedicating most of her time to her brother’s arrangements and compositions. On October 8th 2004 Aída commemorated her 93rd birthday. Healthy and clear minded, she still handles her piano classes and she has immensely contributed to this present catalogue with her precious memories generating clear and precise information.