• Born Radamés Gnattali, on January 27th, in Porto Alegre (Capital of Rio Grande do Sul State, RS), exactly in the same day and month of the 150 anniversary of Mozart


“You see that rubber sucker, pretty new ? Mom would insist that he uses it but, no way, he never accepted “, recalls Aída.


  • Born in Queluz (São Paulo, SP, State) the conductor and arranger Lyrio Panicalli which formed, together with Leo Peracchi and Radamés, the frontline of the great maestros of the National Radio, for over a decade, during the forties and the fifties.



  • Between the 15th and the 20th of April, takes place in Rio de Janeiro, the First Brazilian Workers’ Congress, the reunion  of Union representatives from all over the country.


  • In Paris, Santos Dumont performs his first public flight with his 14 Bis, a vehicle heavier than the air and a gasoline-powered car.