• On April 27th, Alessandro Gnattali (1876-1942) [1] and Adelia Fossati (1880- 1954) got married in Porto Alegre.


Radamés Gnattali’s parents wedding.


  • Born in Rio de Janeiro, the famous lyric singer Bidu Sayão[1]  (Balduina de Moreira Sayão); Radamés was honored to tour with her to the South of Brazil as a pianist, in the thirties.


  • Launched in Brazil of the first comic for kids, O Tico-Tico.


‘O Tico-Tico’


  • For the first time in Rio de Janeiro, the classic Brazilian soccer match (so called the “grandpa classic”) between two of the most traditional soccer teams in the city: Fluminense and Botafogo (Radamés’ favorite soccer team), which victory has gone to the opponent for 6 x 0.





  • [1] Upon arrival in Brazil , coming from Italy, Alessandro decided to adopt the name of Alexandre. There is no news whether he had naturalized his nationality into Brazilian.
  • [2] “Bidu was great, she got it all right and quickly, we didn’t have to rehearse too much”, used to say Radamés.