• Funarte presents the long-play Vivaldi e Pixinguinha produced by Hermínio Bello de Carvalho, performed by Radamés Gnattali, Joel Nascimento and the Camerata Carioca [1], interpreting pieces of both composers, such as Concerto Grosso op. N°11 (Estro armonico), by Vivaldi, with transcription for harpsichord, mandolin, cavaquinho, two guitars and seven stringed guitar.


  • Funarte presents the long-play Tributo a Garoto (Tribute to Garoto) presenting the duet Raphael Rabello (guitar) and Radamés Gnattali (piano), interpreting pieces of the honored author and the Concertino nº 2  for guitar and orchestra (reduction for piano), composed by Radamés and dedicated  to Garoto (Aníbal Augusto Sardinha), in 1951.


Radamés and Raphael Photo: Wilton Montenegro




Concertino nº 2 for guitar and orchestra (reduction of the orchestra to piano)
I – Allegro (excerpt)
Raphael Rabello, violão
Radamés Gnattali, piano
Funarte – PA-82001 (1982)



  • On November 24th, Sala Cecília Meireles presents a Gala Concert nominating the Shell Award for Brazilian Music to the composer and pianista Antonio Carlos Jobim. With the participation of Olivia Byington (singer) and Raphael Rabello (guitar), Tom Jobim performs the premier of his choro “Meu amigo Radamés”, a piano duo with Radamés Gnattali, who signs the arrangements and the musical direction of the concert.




  • Radamés composes:
    • Canção e dança, for contrabass and string orchestra (transcription from original score for contrabass and piano, from 1934, requested by bass player Sandrino Santoro and dedicated to hum).
    • Concerto for accordion solo, with mandolin, cavaquinho, piano, two guitars, seven stringed guitar and string orchestra, from the original score for accordion and string orchestra, 1977.
    • Suite Brasileira, for Camerata Carioca [2], transcription from the original score Suite para pequena orquestra, from 1940.




  • After 17 years of military government, Brazil has general direct election for State government, federal and municipal deputies and city councilors.


  • Japan presents to the world the first CD (compact disc) generated by laser technology.




  • [1] [2] Please consult the Glossary for further information.