• Radamés Gnattali receives the title of Citizen of Guanabara State, awarded by the Legislative Assembly.


  • Sexteto do Rio [1] presents the premiere of Sonatina a Seis, for piano and wind quintet, by Radamés Gnattali, in a concert on May 13, at the extinct IBAM auditorium, in the neighborhood of Humaitá, in Rio de Janeiro.


  • On jun 8th the National Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Alceo Bocchino presents the version for great orchestra of Brasiliana nº 11, by Radamés, in first world hearing, of the original for piano and 8 cellos, from 1966. The concert takes place at Sala Cecília Meireles, in Rio de Janeiro.




  • Radamés composes:
    • Divertimento for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn and piano, with string orchestra.
    • Divertimento for six instruments – written for Radamés Gnattali Sextet [2].  There is a piano part adapted for the formation of a quintet. (Trio version for piano, contrabass and drums, 1966).
    • Quarteto nª2 for violin, viola, cello and piano [3] – dedicated to Quarteto da Guanabara.
    • Sinfonia popular n°4 (symphony)
    • Sonatina in D major for flute and piano – dedicated to Celso Woltzenlogel and Heitor Alimonda (the third movement in honor of Pixinguinha)









  • Dies in Rio de Janeiro (Capital of Rio de Janeiro State, RJ) the composer and rythmist João da Baiana (João Machado Guedes), famous “knife and dish” player, who introduced the pandeiro into the samba world. Radamés considered him the best pandeiro player ever.


  • Dies in Rio de Janeiro (capital of Rio de Janeiro state, RJ) the composer Donga (Ernesto Joaquim Maria dos Santos), one of the founders of the legendary group Os Oito Batutas and, together with Mauro de Almeida, author of the famous and controversial  samba Pelo Telefone.


  • Dies in Geneva (Switzerland) the composer Darius Milhaud.




  • The oppositionist party MDB wins the elections at the parliament. It is the beginning of a “gradual and slow but hopeful opening” political system.




  • [1] Sexteto do Rio was integrated, at the time, by the following musicians: , Heitor Alimonda (piano), Celso Woltzenlogel (flute), Kleber Veiga (oboe), José Botelho (clarinet), Zdenek Svab (horn), Noel Devos (bassoon).
  • [2] Please, for Sexteto Radamés Gnattali, see the  Glossary.
  • [3] There is no Quartet nº 1 for this formation in the composer’s private collection.