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You will find important information about his life and work, search for the catalogs – his Concert Music and, the recent presented: The First Catalog of compositions and arrangements of his Popular Music production.

Warning: All the catalogs or any other item presented here are not available to download, either manuscripts, published or electronically edited.

In Collection > scores   you will find Radamés’ autographs in his works, and a link that will lead you to Radamés Gnattali scanned scores, available to consult only. In Catalogs, you will find the basic discography with details of the most important records of his career, performed either by himself or other great interpreters of his work.

Radamés and his timeline, as the title suggests is a step by step, year by year guide of his artistic career, imbricated to national and international artistic, cultural and political events that remained as important influence and have even imposed conditions to his trajectory in music as interpreter, composer, arranger, conductor or musical director.

Speak out, Maestro! The section gives voice to the Maestro own thoughts and words, that enable us to visualize his life, from prodigious child and the promising piano concertist to the immense composer, arranger and pianist, interpreter of his own work.

In Press cutouts you will get to know the main events of Radamés’ artistic life through a series of footnotes, articles and critics published in the main magazines and newspapers at the time, since his beginning in Rio de Janeiro, 1924, until the current days.

A photographic album, with explanatory captions, as well as programs and folders, are available at the Collection Section, with more information about his personal, professional and artistic life. You may find items that will lead you to images of manuscripts, videos and audios containing extracts of his work either recorded by himself or by Radamés’ great interpreters; you will listen to his voice telling us the story of his arrival in Rio de Janeiro and his start at the radio during the twenties.

Yet in this section you will be able to consult a series of documents, with images of his texts, letters and personal objects, historical pieces found in a sort of memory storage box.

Browsing the site you may be oriented to consult the Glossary. It concerns a secondary item of the menu in the bottom bar of HOME page. It will help you understand the specific nomenclature used mainly in the Catalogs, regarding some  instrumental formations, such as Camerata CariocaSexteto Radamés GnattaliPequena orquestra etc.

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Jan Zach. [Retrato de Radamés]. 1946. Óleo sobre tela, 47 x 70cm.Portrait of Radamés
[Jan Zach, 1946]


Radamés Gnattali, 1983

elepê Orquestra Sinfônica Nacional da Rádio MEC

Rádio MEC National Symphony Orchestra
Romantic Concert, for piano and orchestra.
Conductor: Alceo Bocchino
Pianist: Radamés Gnattali